Youth groups of all ages can find value in meaningful interactions. We have years of experience designing programs that focus on engagement, character development, and leadership development.


What do you want for your youth group? Our facilitators design programs aimed at a variety of learning and group outcomes. All youth programs are custom designed based on your group and goals. 

  • Prepare your group for launch and bring them together right from the start! Our experiences are a great way for new groups to start their journey together.
  • Help your group reach new heights. For groups that have already formed, our program is proven to build stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, and appreciate each other more. 
  • Pure FUN? We can do that! 


Other potential areas of focus:

  •   Expanding Comfort Zones
  •   Developing a Shared set of Values
  •   Personal Responsibility /      Accountability
  •   Creative Thinking / Problem Solving
  •   Celebration of Accomplishments!
  •   Teambuilding
  •   Commitment
  •   Respect
  •   Breaking down Barriers
  •   Effective Communication
  •   Appreciation of Diversity
  •  Giving/Receiving Support
“Working with the motivating instructors at BRLC, we see our students really step outside their comfort zone. They challenge themselves to rise to new heights and more difficult maneuvers. They also seem more eager to encourage their peers to attempt new obstacles. Obviously this results in great team building skills and self confidence.”
— Trish Villareal, Education Resource Assistant with The Magellan Charter School

Programming options:

Whether you prefer to stay on the ground with our Group Interaction, or zip line off of our High Ropes Course, we have what you need.  Your experience can be HALF-DAY (3 hours), FULL-DAY (6 hours), or MULTI-DAY.  Listed below are options to choose from.