We are able to come to your site and provide programs of various lengths that work to meet your group's individual needs.  These programs can cover several areas of team development or we can drill down and focus on specific issues that you feel would serve the greatest need for your group.  Our facilitators will work with you in advance to determine how we can best serve your needs based on your group size and in the time allowed.


the experience

  • Portable Low Rope Elements
  • Variety of Portable Initiatives
  • Friendly Competitive Games
  • Indoor Low Ropes Elements
  • Can Accommodate Small to Large Groups
  • Half day programs (3 hours), and full day programs (6 hours)
  • Multi-day progressions  
  • Year Round Programming

what your experience might look like:

Our facilitators bring the Experiential Learning Model to your site, whether inside a conference room or outside in an open field.  This model includes key processing steps beyond simply doing the activity or experience.  These steps include performing the activity, reflection and sharing, and then applying what was learned to a similar or different situation.  Your program will consists of activities that have a purposeful progression.  Your facilitators will lead with introductions, building connections and creating energy, an easier success builder, continue with tougher initiatives, and then the closure or final debrief.  This model is formed to reach your specific goals and hopeful successes.

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