When the success of your organization hinges on how well your team is functioning, it is time to be intentional. Group development programs can add value to your group regardless if the group is newly forming, or have been together for years.



All of our organizational development programs are custom designed around your group and goals. Our programs can be designed to reach many different learning and group outcomes. If you don't see the outcome you are seeking for your team below, give us a call and let's brainstorm what we can achieve!

  • Process improvement. Focus on how your group tackles challenges together, and allow the opportunity to enhance their own efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Communication. When was the last time your team spent time focusing on the channels and methods in which you communicate? Spending some time focusing on how you communicate, and how you could be communicating can lead to big rewards for your team.  
  • Conflict resolution. Spending some time smoothing out the rough edges can improve the output and satisfaction within your team.
  • Additional program designs include focusing on emotional intelligence, behavioral patterns and change, and well as leadership strengths development.
  • FUN. Building stronger interpersonal relationships within a group. Creating a shared experience. 


BRLC has a variety of program options.  Is your organization hoping to be bold and try our giant swing?  Are you looking for a custom program to compliment your business meeting?  We can do that too.  Your experience can be HALF-DAY (3 hours), FULL-DAY (6 hours), or MULTI-DAY.    Get ideas for your group today!