Our Outdoor Education Retreats offer students of all ages outdoor learning experiences in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We collaborate with your organization to create a schedule and curriculum that meets the needs of your students and program. Retreats can vary in length, from an afternoon low ropes program to multi-day programs with various activities and adventures built into them.  


the experience 

  • Nature Art
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Teambuilding Initiatives
  • Non-Competitive Games
  • Climbing Wall
  • Shelter Building
  • Earth Education
  • Tree & Plant Identification
  • Low Rope Elements
  • High Ropes Course

What your experience might look like:

We combine outdoor education to your team building experience.  Facilitators would start off by discussing goals and our Challenge by Choice Philosophy.  Your first session starts off with team building initiatives and ice breaker activities.  These kick off activities gives your group a chance to learn about each others' strengths, creativeness, and leadership skills.  Your next session includes learning a new skill.  Facilitators will teach methods of basic shelter building.  After your lesson, you will be put to the test and your group will be sent out into the woods to build a shelter.    Your facilitators will provide challenges in order for your group to gain materials and assistance in your construction.  At the end of this adventure your shelter will be critiqued and tested.  Last we have the opportunity to review leadership and how this activity is applied back in the office, or at your school, or for your sports team.