The team is always growing here at BRLC.

Meet a few folks on our team!

NATALIE MINNICH  - Program Coordinator 


 Why are you excited to be a BRLC facilitator:  There is something about being outside in nature, and seeing a group bond with one another.  The experience as a facilitator, the outside perspective, has it moments of reminders.  I get to see people become humble, support friends, laugh, be in the moment, and learn.  I find that these are held to the most value in my life as well. 

ALLAN JOHNSON - Lead Facilitator

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Why you are excited to be a BRLC facilitator?  Outdoor experiential education offers incredible opportunities for personal growth and group-building.  Opportunities to facilitate these kind of experiences for people of all ages are a dream come true for me.

 Memorable programming moment or experience you have had:

1)  On more than one occasion, I have seen groups cheer & congratulate one of their members who overcame their fear, made it to the Challenge Tower zip platform and chose to climb back down rather than zip out.  To affirm a team member for staying true to themselves and their own boundaries, even when everyone else in the group is making a different choice, is a priceless gift.

2)  Hearing “I’m proud of you for what you did today”, father to son, daughter to mother, sister to brother, leader to group member, peer to peer… is a HUGE payoff for facilitators.

Our BRLC team